Topics and Dates for the Third Quarter of 2010

New Schedule for the 3rd Quarter
Speaker          Date      Topic
Wang Ronghua    July 13    The Tang Dynasty and Today
The speaker will give a general picture of the Tang Dynasty, he will try to compare today’s China with the Tang period and see what similarities and differences there are.
Lu Xiuli        July 27          Zhang Zhongjing and His Contributions
The speaker will give a brief account of the life of China’s Saint of Medicine Zhang Zhongjing, and his“Treatise on Cold injury”, the oldest and complete clinical textbook of the world. She will also explain to us the influence the Saint and his book still have today.
Wang Ronghua   August 10   Begin to Study “The Book of Change”
The speaker will talk about the first of all China’s classics, the basics one has to know in order to study the book further.
Duan Yanling      August 24           A Sip of Tea
What is the authentic way of having tea? How much of tea culture has been preserved? Yanling, CCTV 9 anchorperson will give you the answer.
Sheldon Zhou     September 7        No One Could Exhaust the Thinking of Confucius
The speaker will share with us why he kept reading the Analects of Confucius once and again, what in this classic has inspired him; he will also answer if the thinking of Confucius is still highly relevant to us today.
Wang Ronghua    September 21       What Is So Great about the Song Dynasty
The Song Dynasty is by no means more inferior to the Tang, it is at least as great as the latter. The speaker will provide proofs for this