First Tens in 2015 Cultural Diffusion
 A.The Auction of Calligraphy Pieces Went up to RMB 100 Million

Below are the results of votes online on basis of a final list, which was contracted by a panel of experts from what the big data had sifted. The entire enquiry process was sponsored by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and China Culture Institute of Internet Communications, assisted by the website of the CAC, the Journal of "Cyberspace Diffusion", the Resource Center of Literature and Arts under China Federation of Literature and Arts, China Youth Online, China Youth Cloud, and supported by,,,,,,,, and The project and the news release event were executed by Shanxi State Treasure Glory International Cultural Diffusion Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Saint Hand Media.

The event of news release was held on January 21, 2016 at the Diaoyutai State Guest House. At the event, the following was announced:

First Ten Cyber Sites of China-Studies

China Studies for Leading Cadres(领导干部学国学)

Lazy Rabbit(懒兔子)华夏文化传播网)

House of Confucian Studies(孔学堂)

Cream of China Studies and the Art of life(国学精粹与生活艺术)

City of Classics(古典书城)


The Garden with Vertical Bamboo Flute(箫园)

Zhongshan Hall of China Studies(中山国学堂)中国香道)

First Ten China Study Columns on the Websites

China-Studies on凤凰国学)

China-Studies on Guangming Website(光明国学)

Reading on Chinese Civilization website(中国文明网-读书频道)

China-Studies on China Education Newtwork TV(中国教育网络电视台-国学台)未来网-中国少年国学院)

"Masters" on Anhui Channel of Xinhuanet(新华网安徽频道-《大家》)

History on新浪历史)

Culture on人民网-文化频道)

Culture on中华网-文化频道)

Culture in China on中国网-文化中国)

First Ten Internet China Study Works

The Album of Original National Music that contains such songs as "Flowers and Moon Are Never Normal", "The Peaceful Heart" and "One Can Not Wait in Being Filial to Parents" and so on. (《花月本无常》《和平的心》《孝敬父母不能等》系列原创国乐专辑)

A Collection of Poetry and Parallel Antithesis marking the 70th Anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War(《诗颂抗战:辞赋韵律里的烽火岁月》纪念抗战胜利70周年诗词、楹联作品集萃)

The Journey of a Long Song--the Animated Cartoons(动态漫画《长歌行》)

Online Chinese Festivals(《网络中国节》)

The Cloud Flowing Taiji Accompanied by an Online Song(《行云太极》网络歌曲)

A Series of Audio Frequency on "Holidays and Days for Commemoration (《节日·纪念日》系列音频)

A TV Series (1-5) "Tibet's Tibet"(《西藏的西藏》1-5集系列片)

A Special Series--"Our Festivals"(《我们的节日》系列专题)

A Series of China Study Plays "Listen Quietly to the Heart and Wait Quietly for the Blossom of Flowers"(国学系列剧《静听心语 静等花开》)

The H5 Work "Round Moon and Family Union"(《中秋月圆人团圆》H5作品)